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Evolving Health Care Demands Evolving Education for Health Care Leaders

Medicine is in a period of transition. Public health is no longer local, but global in scale. Data-driven decision-making has expanded the possibilities for efficiency and effectiveness in patient care.

Today’s health care systems require leaders with broad skills in health policy, management, quantitative, and technology domains.

Duke University offers the advanced training in the fields needed to support this transformation and to advance health, including:

Clinical research: The Duke University School of Medicine's Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) provides physicians, investigators, and other healthcare professionals with the rigorous academic training in the quantitative and methodological principles of clinical research required to excel in today's dynamic clinical research environment. The program's degree option leads to a Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Research awarded by the Duke School of Medicine.

Biostatistics: Duke University's Master of Biostatistics Program is unique in its balanced focus on three core competencies: analysis, biology, and communication. All faculty members are actively engaged in research, with projects collectively spanning a broad array of biomedical research areas, and are dedicated to ensuring that students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed as biostatisticians.

Informatics and business: The Master of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi) prepares graduates to serve in key managerial and executive positions, from management consultant to chief medical information officer, across academia, government, and industry. The program is based on a 12-month weekend format that is tailored to the learning and career development needs of both working professionals and industry newcomers. As the only multidisciplinary program of its kind in the U.S., the MMCi program leverages Duke University’s world-renowned track record in medicine, business, and health informatics.

Global health:  The Duke University Master of Science in Global Health emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, a research experience, and mentorship from expert faculty. In this program, you will develop an understanding of the most important global health concepts and challenges. You will gain a solid foundation in global health research methods, with a focus on ethics and working in cross-cultural settings. And you will learn to understand, evaluate and compare health systems from around the world.

In addition to these signature programs, Duke possesses an abundance of institutional resources that will help move your career from point A to point B. With an unparalleled commitment to excellence, enhanced understanding of key issues driving health care, and top-notch faculty, we stand at the forefront of higher education in the applied health.

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