Recruitment & Retention Consult Service

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The RIC’s Consultation service provides customized help with recruitment and retention planning, including:

  • Strategic study design planning, including proactive recruitment strategies
  • Cohort discovery and feasibility assessments
  • Recruitment methodology and tactics
  • Strategic social marketing design 
    • Identifying your audience(s), where they seek information and from whom, and developing appropriate messages, delivered via the right channels
    • Implementing strategies for online recruitment (including digital marketing, search engine optimization, websites, social media, influencer outreach)
    • Engaging with the Community, Providers, Patients, and/or Patient Groups 
    • Developing print and other marketing collateral (radio, television, transportation ads)
    • Evaluating and selecting tools and service providers
    • Optimizing existing marketing materials
    • Implementing various marketing approaches to maximize recruitment rates


Consultations will help study teams identify and characterize target populations, develop recruitment and retention strategies as well as contingency plans for studies that are in immediate danger of not meeting enrollment goals.

  • Level One – Consultation Only 
  • Level Two – Consultation and Study Team develops recruitment plan based on consultation 
  • Level Three – Consultation and Recruitment Innovation Center develops plan based on consultation 
  • Level Four – Consultation and Recruitment Innovation Center develops and implements plan based on consultation 


Primary Care Research Consortium (PCRC) Consultation: Are you looking to conduct your research in community-based primary care clinics? Gather the perspectives of primary care providers? The Duke PCRC offers investigators the tools and connections needed to conduct collaborative research in Duke’s primary care clinics. Request a consult today


Rowena Dolor, MD, MHS, Director

Ranee Chatterjee, MD, MPH, co-director