Community of Scholars


Duke’s Community of Scholars (COS) seeks to connect trainees, share educational resources, and increase program efficiencies to enhance the career development of diverse scholars across Duke, enabling them to become successful researchers, leaders, and mentors.
 Community of Scholars

The Community of Scholars at Duke aims to:

  • Connect scholars with resources, opportunities, and each other to build a robust and diverse support network.
  • Create synergy and improve efficiency by strengthening connections among career development programs at Duke.
  • Share best practices and resources for program leadership, mentors, and scholars.
  • Coordinate efforts to facilitate and increase diversity among scholars, mentors, and programs.


Established in 2018, COS will engage the three key groups involved in research career development at Duke:

  • Scholars, who want to become successful researchers, leaders, and mentors
  • Mentors, who are most important in guiding scholars to success
  • Career development award (CDA) program leadership and administration, who secure and sustain program funding, provide structure and guidance, and access to resources

As the COS is in its infancy, we are currently focusing our activities on scholars, mentors, and leadership in Duke’s K scholar community, with plans to expand eventually to encompass T programs, as well as other non–NIH-funded CDA programs.

  • Are you interested in meeting with other K scholars to network and share lessons learned?
  • Would you like to become a better mentor to your peers and/or trainees?
  • Would your program benefit from streamlining and sharing of resources with other CDA programs?
  • Would you like to be contacted when COS or CDA-relevant events are scheduled?

Then join our community! Contact Stephanie Molner at to join our distribution list and find out more about what’s coming down the COS pipeline.

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