2020-2021 DSMM Application


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The DSMM program is currently on PAUSE and will resume when it is safe to do so.  For now, applications for the 2020-2021 year are on hold.  Please stay tuned!

Acceptance into the Duke Scholars in Molecular Medicine is through a competitive application process. The program is for the Duke community and does not have monetary support associated with participation.

All Duke Scholars in Molecular Medicine tracks begin in late August or early September and end the following May or June (9-10 months).

Predoctoral student applicants need to have successfully completed their preliminary examinations prior to the start of the program in the Fall of the application year (please contact us to inquire if your examination data will be close to the start of the program and you would like to apply).

Postdoctoral associates should anticipate being at Duke for the entirety of the program year.

Application Requirements:

  • The track within the Duke Scholars in Molecular Medicine Program to which you are applying: (​​In the submission form, you will also be asked if there is a second track you would like to join if you are not accepted for your first choice.)
    • Duke Scholars in Endocrine and Cardiometabolic Disease (DSEC)
    • Duke Scholars in Infectious Diseases(DSID)
    • Duke Scholars in Neurosciences (DSNS)
    • Duke Scholars in Oncology and Regenerative Medicine (DSOR)
  • A statement of year of graduate school or postdoctoral training.
  • For predoctoral students: the graduate school program from which you are seeking your degree.
  • Research mentor’s name and department.
  • Contact information (email, home phone number, laboratory/office location).
  • A 2-3 sentence summary of the applicant’s basic research project and aims.
  • The reason for seeking to participate in the DSMM program and what the applicant hopes to gain from participation.
  • A confirmatory statement that the applicant has discussed participation with his/her research mentor.
  • The applicant’s curriculum vitae. This may be uploaded as a PDF.
  • A letter from the research mentor that includes a statement of support for the applicant’s participation and why the applicant would benefit from participation. This may be uploaded as a PDF or sent directly to deborah.fidelman@duke.edu.

Participants will be required to provide complete vaccination records and documentation of tuberculosis testing in the past year (PPD test) prior to participation in the program. Participation will require completion of missing vaccines, testing for immunity, and application of a PPD test from Student Health Services or Employee Health Services.