CTSI Funding Awardees

To better understand the types of projects CTSI funds, please take a look at projects funded previously.

Recent Awards

2017 Duke/NC State Translational Research Grant 

Pioneering the development of synthetic platelets

2017 ​CTSI Transformative Research Agreements

Safety of AAV2/8-LSPhGAA in late-onset Pompe Disease

2017 Carolinas Collaborative award winners (view both projects)

Antibiotic prescribing in North Carolina before and after an FDA boxed warning on fluoroquinolones in 2016

Pregnancies in women with Lupus in the Carolinas Collaborative (PLiCC) Cohort: Validation of computable phenotypes with existing Registries in order to study the role of socio-demographic disparities on pregnancies in women with lupus

2017 CTSI Translational Accelerator Funding Agreements (view all four projects)

Integrated Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy in the Patient Centered Medical Home (IMPaC)

Beyond Drills, Cautery, and Suction: Automating the next generation of surgery

Bivalent Influenza Viruses as Next-Generation Vaccines (view publication)

Epigenetic Therapy of Prader-Willi Syndrome

2017 Population Health Improvement Awards (view all three projects)

Testing Two Population Health Surveys for Identifying Socioeconomic Risk Factors in a Community Health 

Engaging the Community to Understand and Eliminate Barriers to 17-P for Preterm Birth Prevention in Non-Hispanic Black Women

Identifying Opportunities for Prevention in Emerging Adulthood

Pilot program awardees by year

Duke-Coulter translational partnership awardees

The Coulter Program accelerates bioengineering research that addresses unmet clinical needs and demonstrates a path to commercial development and the ability to change clinical practice. It is supported by the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.  

Read more about the 2014 Duke-Coulter Award grants