Grant Planning Studios

Planning a grant submission?

Have a research idea but aren’t sure where to start to turn it into a fundable proposal?

Need to know more about the logistics and feasibility of your project?

Attend a Grant Planning Studio!

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The CTSI’s Grant Planning Studios are designed to help to foster the development of great ideas and build a foundation for great research. Core resource faculty and program leaders collaborate with invited research teams to design robust research proposals.

The custom-tailored studio sessions include representatives from CTSI Cores, Duke research support resources, and faculty. Each customized 1-hour studio session will leverage the expertise and experience of the staff and faculty who lead the CTSA-supported cores and research support resources.

As invited faculty, you will have the opportunity to discuss the design and logistics of your research question and study proposal. In addition, you can make connections and build collaborative relationships with research staff and faculty who will work with you to turn your research question into a robust funding proposal by leveraging CTSA resources. 

Studio Selection Criteria

Grant Planning Studios are designed to support all researchers but are especially important for junior faculty (particularly those who have not yet received their first R01) and faculty who are new to Duke (e.g., joined Duke within the past 2 years). However, all faculty are invited to apply.

Department, division, or mentor endorsement ensures that applicants have the necessary support for their research careers at Duke.

A brief description of your research question will help us tailor your Studio and bring the right people to the studio to meet with you.

Interested in attending a Studio? 

Applicants should:

  • Prepare a brief abstract or description of your research question or proposed project.
  • Obtain the endorsement of a Mentor, Department Chair, or Division Chief who is supportive of your research career.
    • Once you apply, a note will be sent to your identified mentor requesting their endorsement of your application.
  • Complete your application – it only takes 5 minutes!

Applications are being accepted for two studio formats:

  • Our next large studio event, to be held on February 10, 2020.  Applications for this event are due by 5:00 pm on January 13, 2020.
  • Apply any time for a Rapid Response consultation – if you need assistance for a project with a deadline that does not fit within our planned event dates, request a studio and we will arrange a consultation to fit your resource needs.

Questions? Contact Michelle Mack, PhD –