CTSI Profile: Doug Chartrand

January 4, 2018

A self-professed data geek, Doug Chartrand has worked in IT at Duke for six years. Doug has spent his career working in this industry, but there’s one thing he has found at Duke that gives his work renewed meaning.

“At CTSI, I am taking my IT experience and applying it to research that helps people,” he said. “It’s a really meaningful use of my training and background.”

An associate director of planning, tracking, and evaluation, Chartrand supports all of the programs and services within CTSI. Chartrand meets with core leaders to determine the key metrics they need to track, such as pilot programs, published trials, and funding opportunities. He and his team then help turn that data into a qualitative narrative to represent the health and success of each individual program.

Chartrand explains that having a non-research background helps by adding a new perspective to the problems CTSI leaders are trying to solve. Some programs have never had this information formalized, so having this data accessible helps with project management and the overall support.

“I really enjoy helping people organize chaos,” he said. “Being able to look at a mess and build tools to help people do their work better is very satisfying.”

Prior to joining Duke and CTSI, Chartrand worked for the Carolina Cord Blood Bank, building IT tools for labs and analyzing the best sites for collection. His work there informs the support he provides for CTSI today; his knowledge and contributions to the meaningful research being conducted here allows investigators and teams to focus their efforts on effective research methods thanks to the data support Doug provides.

What Chartrand finds most exciting about working with CTSI is its commitment to accelerating the research timeline for ideas at the lab bench to treatment at the patient’s bedside. This mission allows him to apply his expertise to a worthwhile cause.

“I’m really passionate about organizing things in a meaningful way,” he said. “I think it’s so important to find something that you love, and being a part of this team fulfills that passion for me.”