CTSI Profile: Jerry Brooke

June 19, 2018

As the director of finance for the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), Jerry Brooke and his team provide financial guidance, analysis and oversight for the organization. Jerry’s work is all about collaboration with the wide array of partners across the Duke campus and external clients to ensure CTSI finances run as smoothly as possible, as well as with School of Medicine Finance staff to meet their numerous reporting needs and deadlines.

Jerry and his team handle the budgeting and financial reporting responsibilities for federally funded and industry projects, which also involve understanding the different policies and processes based on funding types.  In the last few months, the finance team has been heavily involved in the rollout of CTSA 3.0, Project Baseline scenario budgeting, and finance-related work involved with the new CTSI CRU structure.  Fortunately, Jerry says his great team brings diverse skill sets that allow them to tackle any task that comes their way.

“Like a lot of the groups at CTSI, we have new stuff coming to us all the time,” Jerry said. “As a manager, it’s great to have a team where I can be very hands off and know they will get their work done accurately and on time.  My team deeply cares about doing their part to help the CTSI be as successful as possible.”

Jerry joined CTSI in 2016, his third time around the block working for Duke.  His prior two Duke experiences were at the DCRI.  What he enjoys most about his current role is how different it can be day to day. Jerry likes getting to be hands on with different project components and learning more about research in general through interaction with operational staff and faculty.

“I like that going into a day, I may think I have a work plan for what to complete, but something new or challenging always seems to come up,” he said. “Dealing with new challenges on a daily basis helps me learn and enhance my skill set, interact with different people, and keeps the job refreshing.”

Jerry enjoys pushing himself outside of work, too. Working remotely from Wilmington, he enjoys running marathons - “but as I get older and the injuries pile up, each marathon is my last” - landscaping, trying new craft beers, hiking in the NC mountains, and rooting for his favorite team, the Super Bowl-champion Philadelphia Eagles. Jerry believes his drive has helped further his career and made him into the hard worker he is today.

“Perception is a powerful and key part of one’s career progression and success,” he said. “Don’t lose sight of how others may perceive you and take the time to look back and reflect.”