CTSI Profile: Judy Hall

November 20, 2017

If you ask Judy Hall to describe her role at CTSI, she’ll humbly reply, “it’s a lot of little things that fall under my umbrella.” But from coordinating support staff and space at the Durham Centre, to organizing CTSA meetings, to supporting the numerous CTSI Cores, Judy is instrumental in maintaining the institute’s day-to-day operations.

Twenty years ago, Judy Hall was working for a mail order soccer catalogue, but she was looking for a change. It was her sister, now an employee of the Duke Student Information Services and Systems office, who pointed her toward Duke. After working in University Development and with a team of research doctors, Judy found her home at CTSI as a program coordinator.

In her role, Judy supports Chief Administrative Officer Rebbecca Moen and oversees a team of support staff members spread across Kannapolis, Durham, and the Duke campus. This is Judy’s first supervisor position since joining Duke.

“We support a lot of people, not just in CTSI,” Judy said of her team. “We have to be very flexible and willing to help out. There are a lot of people here who don’t have the funds to have administrative staff, so we offer our services to a lot of other groups.”

In her role, Judy interacts with many people working across discipines, and it’s the attitude and warmth of the CTSI employees that invigorate her and make her excited to come to work. As a supervisor, she tries to reinforce that attitude within her team.

“My first supervisor here at Duke always encouraged honesty,” she said. “It’s important to be honest about issues or conflicts that you may have at work. And I encourage my staff to be honest about their ability to accomplish a task or support someone’s request.”

As an added bonus, the flexibility CTSI offers its staff allows Judy to spend more time with her family, so she can attend her daughter’s volleyball games and her son’s school plays. The focus on family is reflected in the way people work together at CTSI, and it’s one of the reasons Judy loves coming to work every day.  

“When people, whether they are family or friends or other colleagues, ask me why I like my job here at CTSI, a big part of it is the people,” she said. “That can make a big difference for the morale here, and it makes it easier to come to work, and more enjoyable and rewarding, as well.  I feel as if we’re appreciated no matter what our job is here.”