CTSI Profile: Kimberly Leathers

September 27, 2018

As a clinical research coordinator for the Primary Care Research Consortium (PCRC), Kimberly Leathers works with Duke Primary Care Clinics on their ongoing studies. Kimberly assists with community outreach, recruits participants to studies, and conducts study visits.

Kimberly is one of five clinical researchers on the PCRC team. In her role, she works with research projects focused on type 2 diabetes, vitamin D supplementation and its ability to delay the onset of diabetes in patients at risk,  and the Performance of Epi proColon in Repeated Testing in the Intended Use Population (PERT) Study, which examines the longitudinal performance of Epi proColon, a blood-based screening test for colorectal cancer. Kimberly enjoys working on studies that can improve patient health.

“I’m motivated by the difference we can make,” she said. “I’m a Durham native, so I want to help make sure we’re having a positive impact on people in the Durham community- it’s personal to me.”

Kimberly came to the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) in November 2017. Prior to joining CTSI, she has worked in various fields, including in wet bench research in the Cell Biology and Physiology department at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. While she enjoyed being a part of a research team, she longed for more patient interaction in her daily work.

“I’ve been interested in science for as long as I can remember,” Kimberly said. “By having face-to-face interactions with patients, you can see what kind of difference you’re making. In this position, I’m getting the best of both worlds.”

Outside of work, Kimberly loves to spend time with her family. She’s the Financial Secretary for her children’s school’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), and she enjoys trying out new restaurants around Durham - her favorites are M Koko and Jack-Tar + the Colonel’s Daughter. Her family also plays an important role in her professional life. Throughout her career, Kimberly has always sought to make the best decision for her husband and children. What she loves about working with the CTSI is its mission to make the best impact on people’s lives.

“I make career decision based on not only what I will get out of it, but what impact I will have on someone’s life,” Kimberly said. “If I can help make people feel better, hopefully they can make better decisions about their health and life.”