CTSI Profile: Kristine Glauber

July 26, 2018

Kristine Glauber joined the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute in a multi-faceted role with the Office of Research Initiatives. In addition to serving as a senior program coordinator for the Mobile App Gateway, Kristine also provides program coordination for myRESEARCHnavigators and the Team Science core.

As part of her job, Kristine interacts with people in various disciplines across the university. Her work includes managing programs for her respective groups, reporting metrics, assisting with researcher onboarding, and generally helping faculty and staff feel more connected with the Duke research enterprise.

“I like having a breadth of interactions with people,” Kristine said. “Having my hands in so many different pots lends a really great awareness around what resources are available to researchers at Duke.”

Part of what appealed to Kristine about her role was the opportunity to work at the forefront of important scientific research. Her enthusiasm has only increased as she’s begun to work with her team at the Office of Research Initiatives. Kristine appreciates the strong work ethic of her teammates and everyone’s drive to tackle projects head on.

“Everyone on my team has high emotional intelligence,” she said. “We really function well as a team. There’s never a feeling that I’m stepping on anyone’s toes - everyone dives right in.”

Kristine joined CTSI seven months ago, and in that time she’s become increasingly engaged with different cores and teams, including the Workforce Development and CTSI Accelerator/Pilots teams. As active and engaged as Kristine is in her role, she maintains that level of activity outside of work, too. In her spare time, she enjoys running, rock climbing, yoga, and going for walks with her dog, Sirius, and cat, Tigger.

Amidst everything she gets to do in her position, Kristine loves that she has the opportunity to help people. She likes to think of herself as the hub of a wheel, bringing people together to solve a particular problem.

“I love getting people what they need to be successful,” she said. “And I love how CTSI functions to get researchers and clinicians access to whatever resources they need.”