CTSI Profile: Terri Taylor

February 16, 2018

As a program coordinator for undergraduate and graduate student training activities, Terri Taylor spends a lot of time working on projects that will benefit future leaders in healthcare. For some students, these programs serve as their introduction into clinical research and help shape what they want to do with their careers moving forward.

A key objective of the CTSA is to foster career development at all stages and expand resource offerings to students. “We do good work in these programs,” Terri said. “It’s rewarding when students tell you how much these programs assist in shaping their academic and career decisions.”

In her role, Terri helps manage three programs: DICOTS (Discovering Career Options in Translational Science), which matches postdocs and PhD graduate students with career mentors; BIGGER (Bridging the Gap to Enhance Clinical Research), a six-month gap-year program for recent college graduates thinking about pursuing medical research careers; and dCRUE (Duke Clinical Research Undergraduate Experience), a lecture and physician shadowing program for undergraduates interested in clinical research. Terri helps in many aspects of these programs, from reviewing and selecting applicants to organizing speakers and other events.

Terri and her team often partner with the Fuqua School of Business, more recently to offer a panel discussion attended by Fuqua students and post-docs participating in the DICOTS program. As these programs continue to grow and evolve, Terri hopes to collaborate with other Duke institutions and get more students involved.

Prior to joining CTSI, Terri spent time in the nonprofit sector. She came to Duke in 2011 and worked with the DCRI’s Early Phase Clinical Research Unit and later the Office of Duke-NUS Affairs (Duke-National University of Singapore) before taking on her current position.

Along with her workforce development team, Terri appreciates getting the opportunity to collaborate with people across disciplines at CTSI. She devotes a lot of time and energy to the programs she manages, but she also enjoys getting to help out with projects outside of her immediate area of responsibility.

“I really enjoy getting to do different and interesting things along with my day-to-day work,” she said. “Everyone is working so hard to ensure all our programs run smoothly.”