Digital Health Device Collection Aims to Facilitate Clinical Innovation

September 5, 2019

This year, Mobile App Gateway’s Digital Health Day will focus on exploring the digital health space across the human lifespan. The event will also offer a glimpse at the new Digital Health Device Collection, which will allow Duke clinical researchers to demo and borrow new technological devices they can implement in their projects.

The device collection is a collaboration between the Duke Mobile App Gateway (MAG) and the School of Medicine. Russell S. Koonts, Director of Medical Archives & Digital Library Initiatives for the Duke Medical Center Library & Archives, and Megan Von Isenburg, Associate Dean for Library Services & Archives at the School of Medicine, have been leading this initiative for the library.

“Devices are being developed and released frequently,” von Isenburg said. “It isn't possible for any one clinician or researcher to buy them all. We hope the collection facilitates innovation; possibly by finding the right device for research or patient care or by eliminating the wrong device.”

The Mobile App Gateway team has been working on developing the library for some time, modeling its collection off similar resources at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and other schools. Devices such as wearable fitness trackers, wireless glucometers, blood pressure monitors, and digital stethoscopes will be available to test and borrow.

“It’s important for researchers to pick the right technology for their grant before starting to commit to buying a lot,” said Marissa Stroo, Associate Director of MAG and Director of Clinical Research Operations – Data at the Duke Office for Clinical Research. “We hope to offer different varieties and types of technology to help people pick what matches their needs best.”

The collection is scheduled to launch in September 2019. Devices that will be available through the library will be on display during Digital Health Day on Sept. 25 for attendees to try out and get a sense of what they can expect.

“The Digital Health Device Collection will provide access to digital devices that can be used in research and pilot projects across Duke University and Health System,” Koonts said. “Providing an opportunity to test these devices reduces the barriers to entry and may spark ideas which can result in new grant funding and improved medical care.”

For more information of the Digital Health Device Collection, email To register for Digital Health Day, visit the event page.