Dr. Neil Surana Named New DSMM Director

June 29, 2021

Dr. Neil Surana
Neil Surana, MD, PhD

The Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) has announced that Neil Surana, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of pediatrics, immunology, and molecular genetics and microbiology in the School of Medicine, will be the next Director of the Duke Scholars in Molecular Medicine (DSMM) career development program when the current DSMM Program Director, Nancie MacIver, MD, PhD, leaves Duke later this month.

The DSMM program joined the CTSI within the Workforce Development Core in late 2018. Dr. MacIver and Program Administrator Deborah Fidelman, MBA, EdS, have built a strong and impressive program that exposes promising young basic scientists to long-standing and emerging problems in priority areas of medicine. Each track is designed to help these students rethink basic science research in continuum with unmet clinical needs of adults and children.  

Dr. Surana has been at Duke since 2018 in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Infectious Disease and began serving as a DSMM co-Director in the Infectious Diseases track almost immediately. Prior to coming to Duke, he was on faculty at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School where he founded and directed an ID fellows’ longitudinal curriculum, which focused on peer-to-peer teaching of critical areas including how to integrate clinical and basic science observations. He also served as a Director for a microbiology-oriented Advanced Integrated Science class for 3rd- and 4th-year medical students; the objective of this course was to help students think about how one could address clinical conundrums through basic science This previous experience highlights his interest in mentoring trainees to translate from bench to bedside and back. 

As a Co-Director of the DSMM Infectious Diseases track, Dr. Surana is well versed in the mission, operations, and potential of the broader DSMM program. All of these experiences highlight his long-standing desire and experience in helping trainees bridge the divide between the practice of medicine and research so that there is a more seamless integration between these two worlds. 

We look forward to working with Dr. Surana and the entire DSMM faculty to build on the work Dr. MacIver accomplished, and continue to grow the program to better serve trainees at Duke and potentially beyond Duke.

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