Duke Researchers at AMIA Joint Summits on Translational Science

Presentations and posters from the April 2014 meeting

April 24, 2014

Several DCRI and Duke researchers made presentations at this year's American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Joint Summits on Translational Science, held earlier this month in San Francisco.

The summits, which comprise a translational bioinformatics component and a clinical research informatics component, are presented by AMIA each year to highlight current research and topics of interest to each community. Duke's Rachel Richesson, PhD, MPH (pictured), served as chair of the Scientific Program Committee for the clinical research informatics component.

"Use of RxNorm and NDF-RT to Normalize and Characterize Participant-reported Medications in an i2b2-based Research Repository," a paper authored by Richesson; Colette Blach; Guilherme Del Fiol, MD, PhD; Chandel Dundee, RN; Julie Frund; Michelle M. Smerek; Anita Walden; and Jessica Tenenbaum, PhD; was selected as a finalist for the Outstanding CRI Paper Award.

The list of Duke faculty and staff whose work was featured at the summits is listed below.

    AACT-Results: The Results Dataset Extensions For The AACT Database
    Asba Tasneem; Skip Maza; Surendra Gonigunta; James Topping; Philip D'Almada; Karen Chiswell; Robert M. Califf


    A Typology of Research Paradigms and Design Principles: Clinical Trials, Disease Registries, and Electronic Health Records | Poster
    Rebecca Wilgus; Shelley Rusincovitch; Charlotte Nelson; Monica Horvath; April E. Chester; Benjamin Neely; Paramita Saha Chaudhuri; Rachel Richesson; James Tcheng; Robert M. Califf


    Automated, Quantitative Analysis of Histopathological Staining in Nuclei | Poster
    Ricardo Henao; Joseph Geradts; Manabu Kurokawa; Sally Kornbluth; Joseph Lucas


    Design and Implementation of an Automated Geocoding Infrastructure for the Duke Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse | Abstract
    Shelley Rusincovitch; Sohayla Pruitt; Rebecca Gray; Kevin Li; Monique Anderson; Stephanie Brinson; Jeffrey Ferranti


    EXpectation Propagation LOgistic REgRession (EXPLORER): Distributed Privacy-Preserving Online Model Learning
    Shuang Wang; Xiaoqian Jiang; Yuan Wu; Lijuan Cui; Samuel Cheng; Lucila Ohno-Machado


    Joint Analysis of Multiple Data Types in Electronic Health Records
    Joseph Lucas


    SciCast Project
    Jessica Tenenbaum; Anthony Solomonides; Judy Logan


    Standardized Representation for Electronic Health Record-Driven Phenotypes
    Rachel Richesson; Shelley Rusincovitch; Michelle M. Smerek; Jyotishman Pathak


    Use of the Epic Electronic Health Record for Comprehensive Clinical Research Management at Duke
    Iain C. Sanderson; Denise C. Snyder; Terry Ainsworth; Cory L. Ennis; Julie McCauley; Fabian Stone; Leigh Burgess; Beth McLendon-Arvik; Colleen Shannon; Mark Stacy


    Use of RxNorm and NDF-RT to Normalize and Characterize Participant-reported Medications in an i2b2-based Research Repository
    Colette Blach; Guilherme Del Fiol; Chandel Dundee; Julie Frund; Rachel Richesson; Michelle M. Smerek; Anita Walden; Jessica Tenenbaum


    Validation and Portability of Unbiased, Label-free Proteomics
    Joseph Lucas; J. Will Thompson; Laura Dubois; Keyur Patel; Arthur Moseley


    WebGLORE: a Web service for Grid Logistic REgression
    Wenchao Jiang; Pinghao Li; Shuang Wang; Yuan Wu; Meng Xue; Lucila Ohno-Machado; Xiaoqian Jiang