Duke’s CDRN Launches New Cohort Discovery Tool

July 11, 2017

Clinical Data Research Network Program provides training for datamart query tool

Training for the Duke Clinical Data Research Network (CDRN) Program’s new cohort discovery tool, I2B2, is now available. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, a Duke researcher can create a query for EHR clinical information maintained in the Carolinas Collaborative datamart. The datamart contains information (including demographic, diagnosis and procedure, and vitals data) for more than 12 million patient encounters in North and South Carolina.  Patient records that match a researcher’s inclusion/exclusion criteria query are displayed as soon as the query is submitted. Duke’s i2B2 is a self-service tool and does not require prior IRB approval, as data returned does not include any personally identifiable information.

Working with the Carolinas Collaborative

Founded with a grant from The Duke Endowment, the Carolinas Collaborative brings together researchers and clinical data to support clinical research from partner institutions across North and South Carolina.  These partners are UNC-Chapel, Wake Forest, and Health Sciences of South Carolina representing 6 major healthcare delivery organizations.

Upon discovering whether the desired cohort exists at Duke, researchers can work with a CDRN honest broker to request cohort discovery data from across the Carolinas Collaborative CDRN. Duke researchers wishing to access this information must start with a Duke-specific i2B2 query.

Requesting I2B2 Training

i2B2 training is offered twice monthly, with special training available for groups of four or more. Researchers may make a request for training and an account by visiting https://lms.duhs.duke.edu/Saba/Web/Cloud

For additional questions about I2B2 or Duke’s CDRN, please contact CDRN@duke.edu