Duke TL1 Pre-Doctoral Program Welcomes Four Scholars

May 18, 2021

Ian George; Michael Rosamilia; Chidyaonga Shalita; Vishal Venkatraman
Duke CTSA TL1 Pre-Doctoral Scholars (from left): Ian George, Michael Rosamilia, Chidyaonga Shalita, and Vishal Venkatraman

Four new scholars have been accepted to the Duke CTSA TL1 Pre-Doctoral Training Program. The program is a two-year scholarship that offers clinical and translational research experience and training for pre-doctoral students in medicine. 

The scholars selected this year are:

Ian George
Project Title: Utilization of Strain Echocardiography to Identify Modifiable Risk Factors Contributing to Sub-Clinical Heart Failure in Pediatric Cancer Patients Receiving Anthracycline Treatment
Primary Mentor: Andrew Landstrom, MD

Michael Rosamilia
Project Title: Exploring the heritable and environmental risks for SIDS
Primary Mentor: Andrew Landstrom, MD

Chidyaonga Shalita
Project Title: Identifying and modulating the cell population responsible for mesial temporal lobe epileptogenesis
Primary Mentor: James McNamara, MD

Vishal Venkatraman
Project Title: A smartphone application for peri-operative care in surgery: Analysis of postoperative outcomes
Primary Mentor: Nandan Lad, MD, PhD

The Pre-Doctoral Program’s provision of research training enhances programs designed to expose students to clinical and translational research earlier in their careers. Scholars will receive individualized training through mentored research, didactic training, and professional development curricula.

 Duke also offers TL1 programs for post-doctoral students and physician-scientists.

Learn more about the Duke CTSA TL1 Pre-Doctoral Training Program.