Funding opportunity: Duke CTSI Special Populations Pilot Agreements

August 13, 2018

The purpose of the Special Populations Pilot program is to facilitate research that promotes health equity for groups who have traditionally been under-represented in health research or excluded altogether.

The Duke CTSI Special Populations Pilot Agreement provides funding up to $25,000 (direct costs only) to support novel clinical and translational research in its many forms. Projects must show strong potential to inform subsequent grant applications to the NIH or other funding agencies.

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Submissions must focus on one of the following populations:

  • pediatric populationsadolescents and young adults, or older adults;
  • people with disabilities and/or rare disorders, and/or populations which have been underserved or underrepresented in clinical research (e.g., African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, rural populations or populations with low socioeconomic status)

For example, Duke CTSI Special Populations is interested in the following types of research projects:

  • Projects that address health disparities in one or more of the populations listed above.
  • Projects that develop and test strategies to increase our understanding of or research capacity to examine health outcomes across the lifespan.
  • Projects to implement or expand a registry(ies) that enroll subjects from the populations listed above.
  • Pilot strategies for recruiting participants or using data through existing datasets or data warehouses (e.g., the Carolina Data Research Networks) to advance integration of special populations in health research.
  • Testing and evaluation of tools or existing resources designed for recruiting and retaining under-represented or other populations of interest.
  • Projects which demonstrate or pilot test research methods and strategies designed to increase participation of under-represented populations in health research.
  • Developing, testing, and disseminating interventions to achieve health and healthcare equity in one or more of the populations listed above.
  • Research that applies or accelerates discovery into testing in clinical or population settings.
  • Development and/or evaluation of the evidence base that changes practice to improve outcomes among special populations.
  • Research that impacts how practice improves health policy, health outcomes, and the health of populations.

Key Dates

Mandatory Letter of Intent: September 17, 2018

Invited Application Submission Deadline: December 4, 2018

Selection of Awardees: January 2019

Funding Period: March 1, 2019—February 28, 2020

Application Instructions

Applicants will use the MyResearchProposal system to access the Special Populations Core Pilot funding application.

View the RFA for complete application instructions.

Full proposal applicants are encouraged to arrange a consultation with the Duke CTSI Projects Office and/or the Special Populations Core Team to gather feedback prior to application submission. Applicants may also contact these groups with questions via Duke CTSI Project Office at or