How partnerships between clinicians and researchers could change healthcare

August 2, 2018

A new paper published in BMC Health Services sheds light on the motivations and challenges of engaging clinicians in the research process. In particular, it highlights the role of Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs) in providing access to data, patients, and health systems.

Among the authors is Rowena Dolor, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke.

The authors conducted sixty semi-structured interviews with clinicians from a variety of disciplines and healthcare settings to get their insights into the benefits of, and barriers to, engaging with research.

What emerged were five themes:

  • The importance of research with relevance and benefits to clinics and patient populations
  • The difficulties of balancing research with existing patient care demands
  • A need for clear and continuous two-way communication about research
  • The demand for tailored compensation approaches to meet provider preferences
  • A need for increased clinician awareness about CDRNs

The authors concluded that their findings "can be used to guide the development of strategies to better engage providers in research in clinical settings, which could ultimately improve patient outcomes."

Learn more about CDRNs at Duke.

Read the full paper.