Limited time to apply for PCORI funding

February 6, 2018

PCORI will be accepting applications for new awards through the end of calendar year 2018, with dissemination awards through 2021.

Congressional authorization for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Trust Fund, PCORI's sole source of revenue extends until September 30, 2019. Funding beyond that date remains uncertain. Therefore, if you have been planning to submit or resubmit a PCORI award, there's no time to waste.

According to Joe V. Selby, MD, MPH, PCORI Executive Director, PCORI plans to continue funding new research projects through September 30, 2019. For the dissemination and implementation awards, they plan to fund new awards through 2021. However, because of the time required for preparation of applications, merit review and selection process, this means that solicitations for new research awards will end soon.

PCORI currently has open postings (Cycle 1, 2018) for its Broad Funding announcements, Pragmatic Clinical Studies Initiative, and Dissemination and Implementation Initiative. It also has a targeted funding announcement for treatment of anxiety and depression in children, adolescents, and young adults. Letters of Intent for each of these are due on February 13, 2018 and full applications are due on May 16, 2018. This is likely the last opportunity to apply for funding under the Pragmatic Clinical Studies program unless and until re-authorization is approved by Congress.

Cycle 2, 2018 funding announcements are forthcoming as well, with PCORI's online system opening on June 1st for submission of Letters of Intent. Selby expects these announcements will feature solicitations for Broad Research Awards, Implementation of Effective Shared Decision-Making Approach Awards, as well as another solicitation for Dissemination and Implementation studies. Additional funding announcements in the portfolio areas of Dissemination and Implementation studies for Cycle 3, 2018 in October are also in the works.

Please view the PCORI website to learn more or view approved funding opportunities.

With questions, contact Karen O Johnson at Duke.