Mobile App Gateway Announces Funding Awardees

March 2, 2018

The CTSI Mobile App Gateway (MAG) is excited to announce the funding of multiple mobile research projects, which will be created using the Medable Axon platform. In late 2017, MAG released a request for applications in which awarded teams will each receive one Medable Axon license—currently available as a tool through the Mobile App Gateway for $11,000—plus ten hours of support from MAG staff.  With additional departmental investment, we are pleased to announce that the following teams and projects will be funded:

Track Light

  • Team: Gary Bennett, PhD; Dori Steinberg, PhD; Jamiyla Bolton, MS; Christina Hopkins
  • Description: This app will support a 6-month behavioral intervention designed to promote weight-loss, with an intention to enroll 3,000 participants nationally.

Eliminating Chronic Opioid Use

  • Team: Neil Ray, MD, MMCi; Stuart Grant, MD, MMCi; Michael Bolognesi, MD
  • Description: The app, which intends to yield information to understand which patients are at high risk for chronic opioid use, will measure pain, psychosocial patient reported outcomes, objective functionality, and actual daily at-home opioid usage in orthopedic total knee arthroplasty patients.

Sensory Impairment and Cognitive Functioning

  • Team: David Witsell, MD, MHS; Kristine Schulz, DrPH, MPH; Amy Walker; Erika Juhlin
  • Description: Study will collect longitudinal data on vision, hearing and cognitive health status on patients aged 55 and older.

Identifying Treatment Barriers Affecting Inflammatory Breast Cancer Patients to Improve Care

  • Team: Gayathri Devi, PhD; Larisa Gearhart-Serna; Whitney Lane, MD; Jacob Ukleja
  • Summary: The app, which aims to enroll 900 patients nationally, will help identify modifiable barriers to prompt diagnosis and care to better inform quality improvement interventions for patients undergoing treatment for IBC.

Have an idea for a mobile app? Contact the Mobile App Gateway team to discuss the use of Medable or other options for making your clinical or research app a reality.