Warren Kibbe Joins CTSI as Director of the Bioinformatics Core

November 16, 2018

Warren KibbeThis month, Warren Kibbe joined the Duke CTSI as Director of the Bioinformatics Core. In his new position, Warren will work with his team to help analyze how clinical researchers at Duke can make better use of informatics technology.

Warren arrived at Duke in 2017 as a professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. He also serves as Chief Data Officer for the Duke Cancer Institute. With the Bioinformatics Core, Warren is interested in looking at how informatics can impact researchers from a broader perspective at the School of Medicine.

“At academic medical centers, researchers and clinicians are looking at tackling tomorrow’s care today,” Warren said. “With our Core, I want to focus on how to make sure we can help researchers achieve their vision.”

An exciting aspect of working with informatics at Duke is the support Warren receives from the top down. Discussions around data sciences with administrators such as Vice Provost of Research Lawrence Carin have led to ideas of incorporating data science into anesthesia, surgery, and policy. The goals of this integration would be to get researchers who are experts in their medical field thinking about the capabilities of informatics and machine learning.

Warren has also been working with groups like Duke Forge and Crucible to use data to support and help translate medical advances. For instance, teams can analyze data coming out of clinics to determine a patient’s risk for sepsis, or to identify predictors of the disease and prevent it in the future.

“Everyone in my Core and at the CTSI has a level of expertise and competency that is excellent,” Warren said. “Dr. Boulware has been phenomenal in bringing together talented people from many aspects of clinical research.”

Warren looks forward to guiding his team as they work with different groups at Duke to help them operate more efficiently and effectively. He is excited to get more involved with the other groups at CTSI and get their input on important medical innovations.

“By working with the other experts at CTSI,” Warren said, “we can come up with much more coherent strategies to help investigators recognize data as the asset it is, and thus be more effective in their pursuit of answers to important research questions.”