Redefining Research

The Duke CTSI is committed to moving beyond traditional medical research and education into projects that apply twenty-first century knowledge and technology to improving health.

A key issue facing healthcare research is the rising use of electronic health records and other big data, which offer new opportunities to redefine research. Faculty and staff at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) have taken a leading role in developing the NIH Collaboratory, an effort funded by the NIH Common Fund to create a collaborative research infrastructure that stretches across the nation.  DCRI staff also supports the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet), a large, highly representative national network for conducting clinical outcomes research.  

The CTSI is also redefining research by addressing the pressing need for a healthcare workforce that understands the importance of translational medicine. Programs such as the Duke Clinical Research Undergraduate Experience (dCRUE), introduce Duke students to research as a career opportunity, while others, such as the CTSA-funded KL2 program, assist junior faculty who need time and money to focus on translational research. Other programs include a Master of Management in Clinical Informatics, the Clinical Research Training Program (a partnership with the NIH), a Regulatory Affairs Training Program, and ongoing professional training for clinical research staff through the Duke Office of Clinical Research.