Recruitment Innovation Center

Clinical research is a methodical process designed to gather data and answer questions that will be used to improve human health.  

Challenges of recruiting

Slow participant recruitment can result in studies closing prior to completion or remaining open past intended completion dates, wasting time, effort, and resources, thus delaying improvements to human health.

Recruitment challenges can expose participants and volunteers to potential study risks without contributing any new knowledge to the questions being addressed.

The Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC) provides Duke’s clinical research community with the resources necessary to support efficient and effective study enrollment using strategic planning, data-driven tactics, and informatics-based tools.

The RIC has developed a repository of useful tools and resources to support research teams in the design and execution of clinical studies that can successfully achieve recruitment targets. We encourage you to contact RIC staff for assistance; however, you are also welcome to use the tools in the repository.

RIC’s one-on-one consultation services and studios include:

  • Feasibility assessments through data-driven cohort discovery
  • Collaborator identification and partnership facilitation
  • Strategic recruitment and retention planning
  • Strategic protocol design and development
  • Strategic social marketing and communications planning
  • Data-driven analytics
  • Community and patient engagement
  • Training and education  on recruitment planning and budgeting for recruitment


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