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Achieving our mission of discovering, developing and delivering healthier tomorrows depends on successful participant engagement, recruitment and retention in our research studies today, which can be one of the most challenging aspects of conducting clinical research. 

 RESEARCH!AMERICAThe Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC) provides Duke’s clinical research community with connections, collaborations and resources to support efficient and effective engagement, recruitment and retention, including strategic planning, data-driven tactics, and patient engagement resources.

RIC’s free, tailored one-on-one consultation services, studios and training options include:

  • Feasibility assessments and data-driven cohort discovery
  • Collaborator identification and partnership facilitation
  • Strategic engagement, recruitment and retention planning
  • Social marketing and communications planning
  • Review and editing of patient facing materials (consents,
    flyers, web content, etc.)
  • Effective protocol design and development options (minimize the burdens of participation with a feasible schedule of events and eligibility criteria)
  • Tailored recruitment regulations and best practices training

Other services we offer include:

Plain Language Mini-Consults: Our plain language mini-consult will provide you with a lay-summary of your research, bulleted statements and taglines that you can use in your advertising materials and a lay-friendly concise summary of your project that you can use in your informed consent form.

MyChart Invitation language review, editing and formatting: Are you planning to use MyChart to send research invitations to potentially eligible patients? We can help you craft an engaging, informative invitation with a clear call to action.

Community, Stakeholder, and Patient Engagement in Research Resources

Coming Soon:

  • Patient Engagement Studios: bring your research idea and materials to a group of trained and empowered patient research advocates; obtain feedback, insight and advice on your plans and materials to make them more patient-centered, lay-friendly, and feasible.
  • Patient Advisory Council Development and Training: would you like to develop a patient advisory council for your research portfolio or therapeutic area? Learn how to recruit, train and empower them to help you make your research more patient-centered.

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