2016-17 Supplemental Awards

Principal Investigator: Christopher Cox, Associate Professor, Deptartment of Medicine

Project Title: Developing a native app electronic decision aid from a validated, web-based version

Project Description: We seek to develop a native app version of an existing (though now outdated) web-based decision aid.
There is substantial funding and commercial interest in this topical area. However, we are ill-prepared to
advance our promising tool because of our lack of a competitive native (vs. web) app. This funding supplements the NIH Grant "Improving decision making for patients with prolonged mechanical ventilation" (1R01HL109823)


Principal Investigator: Miles Berger, Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology

Project Title: Role of Anti-inflammatory Lipids in Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction and Delirium

Project Summary: Here we will measure pro- and anti-inflammatory lipids (known as resolvins) in perioperative CSF
samples, We hypothesize that patients with postoperative cognitive dysfunction and delirium will have lower
levels of these anti-inflammatory resolvins in their CSF. This funding will supplement the NIH Grant "The Significance of Perioperative Changes in CSF Tau levels in the Elderly" (1RO3AG050918-01)