2015 Spring Voucher Awards

The 2015 Spring SOM Core Facility Voucher Program was a joint program with the School of Medicine (SOM), the Duke Translational Research Institute (DTRI) Pilot Program and the Office of the Provost. Vouchers were awarded to the following 25 projects:

Nicole Calakos
Project: Exploring potential role of altered TorsinA phosphorylation in Dyt1 dystonia pathogenesis
Core(s) Used: Proteomics,

Marc G. Caron
Project: Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the anti-compulsive-like effects of OFC inhibition
Core(s) Used: DNA Microarray Core Facility

Ching-yi Chang, Donald P. McDonnell
Project: Development of in vivo metastasis models for hormone receptor-positive breast and prostate cancer
Core(s) Used: Lab Animal Resources, Optical Molecular Imaging and Analysis \ In Vivo Molecular Imaging Shared Resource - Data Analysis

Mary Helen Foster
Project: Molecular Deconstruction of Human Circulating Pathogenic Autoantibodies
Core(s) Used: Proteomics, IGSP Omics Analysis Core

Katherine Garman
Project: Development of novel human cell culture systems for the study of esophageal carcinogenesis
Core(s) Used: BRPC (Biorepository & Tissue Processing Core)

Arno L. Greenleaf
Project: Targets of Transcriptional Kinase CDK12 and Its Role as a Tumor Suppressor
Core(s) Used: Proteomics

Stacy Horner
Project: Discovery and characterization of innate immune regulatory kinases during HCV infection
Core(s) Used: Functional Genomics Shared Resource \ Whole Genome Analysis

Kim Huffman, Dr David Bartlett,
Project: Novel Exercise Training in Elderly Pre-Diabetics to Improve Immune Function and Inflammation
Core(s) Used: Flow Cytometry - Cancer Center

Priya S. Kishnani, John Yi,
Project: Immune Phenotyping: Infantile Pompe Disease
Core(s) Used: Immunology Core \ Molecular Virology Core Facility (CFAR), Immunology Core \ Molecular Virology Core Facility (CFAR)

Dennis Ko
Project: Leveraging natural variation in Salmonellae to elucidate the role of IL-10 in disease
Core(s) Used: DNA Analysis Facility \ DNA Sequencing,

Rodger Liddle
Project: The gut as the origin of Parkinson’s disease
Core(s) Used: BAC Recombineering Core Facility \ Transgenic Mouse Facility

Boyi Liu
Project: Transcriptome Profiling of Poison Ivy-Induced Allergic Contact Dermatitis by Microarray
Core(s) Used: DNA Microarray Core Facility,

Micah Luftig
Project: Crystallographic studies of the interaction between the EBV EBNA2 and host RBPJ proteins
Core(s) Used: X-Ray Crystallography

Paul Magwene, Nicolas Buchler
Project: Establishing a Complex Trait Mapping Panel in Yeast Using Private Haplotype Barcoding
Core(s) Used: Integrative Cancer Genomics \ Genome Sequencing & Analysis Core Resource, Integrative Cancer Genomics \ Genome Sequencing & Analysis Core Resource

Douglas Marchuk
Project: Phospho-proteomics of the somatic, activating mutation in GNAQ in Sturge Weber Syndrome
Core(s) Used: Proteomics

David M. Murdoch
Assessment of T-cell exhaustion in chronic viral infection following solid organ transplant
Core(s) Used: CFAR Flow Core

Daniel R. Saban
Project: Transcriptome Analysis of Pathologic Myeloid Cells in the Mouse Neurodegenerating Retina
Core(s) Used: Flow Cytometry – DHVI \ Integrative Cancer Genomics \ Genome Sequencing & Analysis Core Resource

Sudarshan Rajagopal, Bastiaan Driehuys
Project: Does 129Xenon-MRI have the potential to diagnose patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension?
Core(s) Used: Center for In Vivo Microscopy (CIVM) \ Xenon Study (enriched) Resource

Mark Rausher
Project: Comparative Transcriptomics of Two Ipomoea species
Core(s) Used: DNA Analysis Facility \ DNA Sequencing

Debra Silver
Project: Analysis of neurodevelopmental behavioral deficits in mouse mutants
Core(s) Used: Neurobehavioral \ Endocrine core

Jenny Tung
Project: Evolutionary genomics of DNA methylation in the baboon genus Papio
Core(s) Used: Integrative Cancer Genomics \ Genome Sequencing & Analysis Core Resource

Thomas Van de Ven
Project: Transcriptional Profiling of Sciatic Nerve Samples from Traumatic Amputees
Core(s) Used: GCB genome seq, Integrative Genomic Analysis Shared Resource \ IGSP IT

Christine E. Wall, Andrea B. Taylor
Project: Identification of Contractile and Metabolic Proteins in Primate Jaw Muscle
Core(s) Used: Proteomics

Jennifer Wernegreen
Project: Examining the genomic basis of adaptation to the gut niche
Core(s) Used: Integrative Cancer Genomics \ Genome Sequencing & Analysis Core Resource \ Flow Cytometry - Cancer Center

Fan Yuan
Project: Investigation of endocytosis involved in electrotransfection using transmission electron microscopy
Core(s) Used: Electron Microscopy Services

The Spring Voucher program was funded, in part, by the Duke CTSA. Publiccations supported by the Duke CTSA must cite the CTSA Grant number (UL1TR001117) and, by law, be submitted to PubMed Central.