2014 Spring Voucher Awards

Maria Ciofani
Network approach to prioritizing lineage-relevant IBD-associated genes
Duke Genome Sequencing & Analysis Core Resource     
Christopher Counter
Creation of mice with a conditional activating C121S mutation in Mek1
BAC Recombineering Core; Transgenic Mouse Shared Resource     
Nicole Calakos    and Alexandra Badea
Identifying structural brain abnormalities associated with symptoms in a novel genetic dystonia mouse model
Center for In Vivo Microscopy
Samuel Adams
Sustained Release Intra-Articular Drug Depots of Anti-Inflammatory Compounds for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis
Biomarkers Shared Resource (DOM)     
David Tobin    with Jason Stout (Infectious Disease) and Sunhee Lee (DHVI)
Dissemination and bone tropism in a Mycobacterium tuberculosis outbreak strain
Regional Biocontainment Laboratory     
Dennis Ko
The role of methylthioadenosine in sepsis
Proteomics Core     
Kafui Dzirasa    and Pate Skene
Cortical Amygdalar Mechanisms that promote resiliency
Genome Sequencing & Analysis Core     
Laurie Snyder
Exploring Novel Mechanisms of Lung Transplant Rejection in Older Recipients
Immune Monitoring Laboratory     
Michael Boyce
O-GlcNAc signaling in mitogenic activation
Duke Proteomics Core Facility     
Scott Soderling
Quantitative Analysis of the Inhibitory Synaptic Abnormalities Linked to Autism
Proteomic Core     
Wei Yang
Genome-wide analysis of chromatin modification by SUMO in mouse brain
Genome Sequencing & Analysis Core Resource     
Edward Patz    and Elizabeth B. Gottlin
Tumor imaging with a novel complement factor H monoclonal antibody
Small Animal Micro PET     
Michael Kastan
Identification of ATM kinase targets involved in mitochondrial homeostasis
Duke Proteomics Core Facility     
Nenad Bursac and    Dwight Koeberl
hiPSC-based In Vitro Screening Model for Pompe Disease Therapy
iPSC Core     
Blanche Capel
Transcriptome Sequencing for Small Cell Numbers of Germ Cells
Genome Sequencing and Analysis Core Resource     
Catherine Lavau
Using Microarray Analysis to Characterize Novel Transcriptional Targets of the CRM1 Nuclear Export Receptor in CALM-AF10 Leukemias
IGSP Microarray facility     
Christopher Kontos
Phosphoregulation of Caskin2, a novel regulator of endothelial cell quiescence
Duke Proteomics Core Facility     
Debra Silver
Transcriptome analysis of microcephaly mutants
Duke Genome Sequencing & Analysis core facility     
Farshid Guilak    and Amy McNulty
Understanding the Chondrocyte Mechanome to Identify Therapeutic Targets for Joint Diseases
Microarray facility     
Gregory Taylor
Conditional Targeting of Irgm1 to Probe Intestinal Immune Function
Transgenic Shared Resource     
Hai Yan    and Matthew Waitkus
Development of an Immune Competent Model of Histone H3.3-Mutated Brain Tumors 
BAC Recombineering Core Facility; Transgenic Shared Resource     
Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi
Lysine Malonylation as a novel regulatory mechanism of the therapeutic value of ACC inhibition
Proteomic Core     
Michael Gunn    and Andrea Yu
Transcriptome Analysis of Disease Inciting Interstitial Macrophages in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Microarray Facility; DHVI flow-based cell sorting     
Todd Brennan
PG545, a heparan sulfate mimetic, mediates anti-tumor effect through TLR9-dependent NK cell activation
Division of Laboratory Animal Resources     
Anuj Kapadia
X-ray diffraction imaging for differentiating cancer tissue
Biospecimen Repository and Processing Core     

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