Trial Innovation Center (TIC)

The Duke Clinical Research Institute and Vanderbilt University Medical Center have joined together to create a Trial Innovation Center (TIC), which will serve as a gateway to the National Trial Innovation Network funded by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The goal of this center is to create innovative methods to accelerate the implementation of multi-site clinical research studies, especially those done within the national Clinical and Translational Science Award consortium that makes up the Trial Innovation Network. The center is funded by a 7-year grant from NCATS.


The Duke-Vanderbilt TIC has four cores:

A Study Design Core, which works with investigators to develop robust protocols and feasible study budgets. This core is led by DCRI’s Kevin Strom, PhD, and VICTR’s Frank Harrell, PhD, with operational leadership from the DCRI’s Lori Poole.

A Study Start-up Core, which works to establish Master Clinical Trial Agreements and overseeing a central Institutional Review Board to get trials underway as quickly as possible. This core is led by VICTR’s Gordon Bernard, MD, with operational leadership from DCRI’s Marc Ingham.

A Study Conduct Core, which provides support to investigators from initial trial design to dissemination of results. This core is led by the DCRI’s P. Brian Smith, MD, with operational leadership from Theresa Jasion.

An Innovations Core, which works to create innovative solutions to streamline and expedite interactions with the clinical trial sites. This core is led by VICTR’s Paul Harris and DCRI’s Brian McCourt.


In early February the Trial Innovation Network will be initiating services and consultations resulting from proposals submitted to the Trial Innovation Network.

The Network has developed tools and informational materials to facilitate access to these services. These resources include tools to implement the Trial Innovation CIRB and Standard Agreement Systems. The Network has also developed an array of informational materials about the proposal submission process, including updated guidelines, instructions and checklists, as well as a list of Trial Innovation Network team members you can contact for assistance.

Duke investigators interested in submitting proposals to the Trial Innovation Network should review the Proposal Submission Materials below and contact the Duke TIN Hub Liaison Team by emailing Jamie Roberts, Senior Staff Director for the Duke Clinical Research Networks Community –


Trial Innovation Network Proposal Submission Materials

View guidelines, instructions and checklists to assist with submitting a proposal to the Trial Innovation Network.

For more information about the Trial Innovation Network, please email the network at or visit