Pilot Programs

The CTSI Pilot Programs offer funding and project management support.

The primary efforts of the CTSI Pilot Programs include:

  • Pilot Funding for preclinical and early-stage research, as well as project management.
  • Project Management consultation services through a dedicated project office.

The CTSI Pilot Projects work collaboratively with:

  • Duke-Coulter Translational Partnership Program
  • Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures (OLV)
  • Duke MEDx (a partnership between the Schools of Medicine and Engineering at Duke)
  • NC TraCS (the CTSA at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)
  • Wake Forest CTSI (the CTSA at the Wake Forest School of Medicine
  • MURDOCK Study Community Registry and Biorepository, Duke-Kannapolis Office


Vonda Rodriguez
Senior Project Leader

Lynn Sutton
Director of Operations, CTSI