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Gina-Maria Pomann

Gina-Maria Pomann
Director, CTSI Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) Core



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11040 Hock Plaza, Suite 1105
Box 2721, Durham, NC 27710


Gina-Maria Pomann is Statistical Research Scientist and the Director of the Duke Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) Methods Core. The mission of the Core is to work with the interdisciplinary network of clinical investigators conducting research at Duke by providing expertise in study design, implementation of statistical methodology, and interpretation of results. The Core also serves as the primary coordinating center to connect investigators with the appropriate methodologists/quantitative experts to foster and promote reproducible research in an effort-based collaborative model.

To meet the increased demand for biostatistical collaboration in medical research, Dr. Pomann develops quantitative collaborative teams specifically tailored to medical research units across the school of medicine. Dr. Pomann works to improve the collaborative infrastructure and hire staff necessary to meet the evolving collaborative needs. Since 2015, the Core has grown from 6 staff biostatisticians to over 20 staff biostatisticians who work on interdisciplinary teams, led by over 15 quantitative faculty, to conduct research throughout the school of medicine. 

Dr. Pomann’s current research focuses on the development of models for quantitative units in academic medical centers, development of collaboration teams with quantitative and qualitative expertise, and methods for training the clinical and translational science collaboration workforce. Dr. Pomann also has broad statistical expertise in experimental design, image analysis, functional data, case-control sampling, and real-world evidence methods. She has led initiatives to develop collaborative research, medical investigator training programs, biostatistician staff training programs, a biostatistics training and internship program, and seminar series.