CERI partners with AME Zion clergy members to diversify clinical trials recruitment efforts

October 15, 2018

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Health Equity Advocates & Liaisons

The Duke Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Community Engagement Research Initiative (CERI) and clergy members from eighteen African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Zion churches across North Carolina partnered with the Duke CTSI as Health Equity Advocates & Liaisons (HEAL). The AME Zion HEAL-Duke CTSI partnership began in July of 2016, modeled after a partnership between Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) and clergy members from the AME Zion churches in Connecticut.

The HEAL-Duke CTSI partnership provides bi-directional training to HEAL partners and researchers to increase and diversify clinical trials recruitment efforts. This partnership works to reduce health disparities and improve health in traditionally underserved communities by

  1. cultivate trust via dispelling myths and negative perceptions of clinical trials among people of color;
  2. increase knowledge in health research; and
  3. bridge the gap between medical development and community needs.

HEAL partners also provide critical input on research protocols more meaningful, accessible, and relevant to the communities they aim to serve.

The HEAL partners have helped shape clinical research in significant and meaningful ways. HEAL partners are committed to improving population health by diversifying research participation, eliminating health disparities, and advancing health equity.

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