Multi-site study design easier than ever as ACT Network grows to 32 sites nationwide

January 25, 2019

In 2018, Duke was part of the initial rollout of the Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) Network, a consortium of leading academic medical research centers nationwide sharing de-identified patient population counts, making it easier to determine and demonstrate feasibility of clinical trials and identify potential collaborators for multi-site studies.

Geographic map of ACT Network sitesAt the time, the network had 20 members, all drawn from the nationwide CTSA consortium. Now the ACT Network has expanded to include 32 sites, with an additional 16 in the staging process. The patient population has grown to an estimated 100 million.

The network utilizes a unique cohort exploration tool (i2b2) that allows researchers to explore patient populations in depth, find cohorts that fit their study criteria, and get counts in real-time, all directly from their desktop.

Duke CTSI provides Duke researchers with access to the ACT Network at no charge. To get started, visit the Duke ACT Network landing page or email

Here is the complete list of ACT Network sites to date:

Boston University

Children’s National

Columbia University

Duke University

Emory Univ./Morehouse Univ.

Harvard University

Indiana University

Johns Hopkins University

Mayo Clinic

Medical University of South Carolina

New York University

Northwestern University

Oregon Health & Science University

Stanford University

University of Alabama at Birmingham

U. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

University of California, Davis

University of California, Irvine

University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, San Diego

University of California, San Francisco

Univ of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children’s

Univ of Colo/Children’s Hosp. Colorado

University of Florida

University of Kentucky

University of Minnesota

UNC-Chapel Hill

University of Pittsburgh

UT Health San Antonio

UT Southwestern

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Washington University in St. Louis

Staging for ACT:

Medical College of Wisconsin

Ohio State University

Penn State

University at Buffalo

University of Illinois-Chicago

University of Kansas

University of Massachusetts

University of Miami

University of New Mexico

University of Southern California

UT Houston

University of Utah

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Virginia Commonwealth Univ.

Weill Cornell Medicine